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I'm michael Ha

WElcome to my portfolio


Product Designer


What I do

 I create and design digital product solutions. I research, hypothesize, ideate, design, prototype, test, analyze and iterate.

What I love

I love to explore people's problems through user research and tightly knit technology solutions to their needs.  Empathy and value creation is at the heart of my work.

How I work

I build prototypes to learn and thereby drive my design decisions. I love sharing ideas and collecting feedback to continuously improve my work.

Who am I?

I’m a creative product designer with a M.Sc in ICT Product Development. I specialize in UX design, UI design, interaction design and product development. 

Computers and electronics have always fascinated me. However, I later realized that the technology itself wasn’t what sparked my interest. Rather, it was how technology has an impact on people’s everyday life. I find it intriguing to design how electronics could be used in the future. 

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On Design

As a designer, I consider myself very curious. I tend to take the silly ideas seriously for a few minutes. I believe that it sometimes can lead to you on a path that you otherwise would not have thought of.

Also, I first and foremost see design as a generative process; I see it is a doers and makers discipline. I strongly believe in a thinking-by-doing approach towards solving difficult problems.

Finally, I believe that the best ideas have no ownership. They are the result of collaboration with the team and stakeholders, and not the result of individual genius.

What they say

Michael van de Ven

Senior Recruitment Consultant

“... It was nice working with you, you understood what the subject was about and showed sincere interest in our company and the challenges of our market.

...The research you did was excellent. You came up with better results than most of our interns after 6 months, while being an external student. That shows that your research was thorough and with high quality"

Jorge Alves Lino

Service Design coach, Tu/e Industrial Design (ID)

“...Overall, his performance was outstanding, taking in account that the ID system was completely new to him....

.... Very constructive and organised. Coaching Michael was very pleasant because he is very hard-working, pro-active and cooperative. His deliverables were always made in time, and in a regular base (which gave him many opportunities for feedback and improvement). His attitude towards his colleagues was always very constructive, his attitude towards his client was extremely professional.”


Clients I have worked with


Volkswagen A\G (NDA)

Chang's Chat

The Science Museums